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How can we set an appointment for Zanbagh couturier?

You can easily call us or click here to set an online appointment.

I would like to have a dress exactly like a photo that I have, is it possible?

If you have the exact fabric & body size then yes for sure, but if you don’t Zanbagh couturier make it as lookalike as possible.

How long will it take to make a wedding dress & when would be the best time to set an appointment?

Wedding dress has a long production process & it has many details that Zanbagh studio would consider. If you have the exact model (sketch or photo) & you already purchased the right fabric for it, please contact us at least 60 days before the wedding. If you have the exact model (sketch or photo) but you need our help to purchase the right fabric, please contact us at least 70 days before the wedding& finally if you have no idea what to wear, please consider to contact us at least 85 days before the wedding. * Please note that we put only the minimum required time for the production but based on the couturier traffic it can takes up to 4 months.


Is it possible to have a wedding dress in less than mentioned time?

It would be depends on many things including the time frame, model, fabric & accessories you may need. For some especial cases it may be possible, but you would be charged an extra 20% for urgent cases.


Do you provide the wedding accessories?

Yes, Zanbagh studio provide A-Z bride accessoriesupon your request.


Can you provide a sketch design?

Zanbagh studio provides sketch design for some especial evening or wedding dresses but not for all of them.


What is the custom-built apparel process & how long will it takes?

First you need to choose the right model based on your body shape & size. You can either select it yourself or get the Zanbagh’s advisers help. Then you need to have the right fabric for the selected design. The production would start right after that. The production for non-wedding dresses approximately takes between 2 to 3 weeks but based on the couturier traffic it can takes up to 2 months.


Can we purchase apparels from old collections?

The exact fabric may not be available but you can order any of them with available fabrics


My preference times are fully booked, what should I do?

You can eithercall the studio or send an email


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